Table of Contents

Training Calendar

 MonthSep 2021Oct 2021Nov 2021Aug 2022Sep 2022Oct 2022
Data ManagementISDM Basics9/30    10/21
Data Classification & Data Asset Inventory      
Data/Information Life Cycle Management 10/27    
Physical/IT Environment, Contingency and User Management      
Information SecurityInformation Security (I) – Misconceptions and Commonly Overlooked Issues      
Information Security (II) – Information Security under New Normal      
Information Rights Management (IRM)AIP Workshop      
Departmental Data Asset Storage (DDAS)Technical Session of Administration on DDAS      
DDAS Workshop  11/25   
ISDM Self-assessmentPreparation and review   8/12, 8/18  

Useful Information

Data Asset InventoryTemplate of Blank Data/Information Asset Inventory *
Examples of Completed Data/Information Asset Inventory *
Presentation SlidesISDM Basics [ISDM-BAS] *
Data Classification and Data Asset Inventory [ISDM-TS-DCDA] *
Setup and Usage in Departmental Data Asset Storage (DDAS) [ISDM-BS-DDAS] *
Technical Session on Administration of Departmental Data Asset Storage (DDAS) [ISDM-TS-DDAS] *
Workshop on the Use of Information Rights Management (IRM@hku) [ISDM-IRM-AIP] *
Information Security (I) – Commonly Overlooked Issues [ISDM-IS-ISU1] *
Physical/IT Environment, Contingency and User Management [ISDM-PITCUM] *
Data/Information Life Cycle Management [ISDM-DLCM] *
DDAS Manuals

User Guide on Central SharePoint 2016 Service for General Users (link to HKU ITS website)

User Guide on Central SharePoint Service for site administrator (link to HKU ITS website)

Use of Information Rights Management (IRM) for email and file protection (link to HKU ITS website)

User Guide on Mapping DDAS as a network drive

User Guide on Using “email group for staff” to assign IRM rights

User Guide on Assigning Unique Permissions in DDAS

User Guide on Using Information Rights Management (IRM) with DDAS

GDPRGDPR Implications and Considerations *
ISDM Self-assessment

Self-assessment Sample Questions in MS Excel Format *

Presentation slides of ISDM self-assessment review and preparation *

Data Management

Use DMPTool for Data Management Plan

Use DMPTool for Facility Security Planning

Physical EnvironmentFacility Security Planning Checklist *
IT Environment

Information Risk Assessment *

Privacy Risk Assessment (Privacy Impact Assessment) *

* HKU Portal login required