ISDM Training Programmes in Jan/Feb 2018

We would like to thank for your participations for ISDM training sessions in the last year. The success of ISDM policy implementation are relying on your support. We understand that some colleagues may be not be able to join the 2017 training sessions for some reason. In this regard, Information Technology Services (ITS) will rerun the programmes in Jan/Feb 2018. We hope that the colleagues who may have missed but still interested on the training sessions can join us.

ISDM Training Session “Set-up and Usage of Departmental Data Asset Storage (DDAS)

Thank you for your participation in the training sessions on Data Classifications and Data Asset Inventory. While you are working on completing your departmental data asset inventory with the template provided, we would like to introduce the Departmental Data Asset Storage (“DDAS”) which is a centrally provided and pre-configured SharePoint Workspace for keeping departmental data asset inventory and documents. It facilitates departments to maintain their data assets with data classification attributes and easy access systematically. ITS will organise two briefing sessions (identical in content) to introduce the set-up and usage of the DDAS. Target audiences will be the Data Owners/Stewards/Custodians/ISDM Coordinators/SharePoint Administrators.

ISDM Training Programmes in October/November 2017

In September 2017, we have conducted 3 training sessions of “Data Classification and Data Asset Inventory”. As we have heard that there are colleagues interested on this subject but who may not be able to join us, Information Technology Services (ITS) decides to rerun the programme in October/November.

Information Technology Services (ITS) organising the ISDM Training Programmes in September 2017

Information Technology Services (ITS) starts organising a series of training programmes to strengthen our capabilities in data management and information security. The first programme will be Data Classification and Data Asset Inventory, which will enable our staff in understanding how to classify the institutional data according to ISDM Data Classification Scheme.

ISDM briefing sessions available to all University staff members

The four Information Security and Data Management (“ISDM”) Policy briefing sessions scheduled in June 2017 were well received by the nominated ISDM coordinators and more than 240 colleagues from 111 departments participated. We thank Dr. Steven Cannon, Executive Vice-President of (Administration and Finance), for his support and making the opening remarks, and all attendees who joined the events.