DMPTool – Data Management Planning

A. Introduction

What is a Data Management Plan?

Data Management Plan is a document that describes how you will work with your data through the data lifecycle. It begins with data creation, collection, use, store, transmit, retention. And, it comes to end of life when data is disposed or destructed.

What is DMPTool?

DMPTool is a tool which can help us in Data Managemant planning. It can:

  • Keep our plan current, and  in one single environment
  • Understand what is necessary to be included in the Data Management Plan
  • Use as a guide for us to handle with data
  • Share the plan with your team members
  • Align with ISDM policy

How can I start with DMPTool? 

  • All you need is an email address (e.g. and an internet browser

B. Use DMPTool to create Data Management Plan

1. Start with your browser and visit the DMPTool (

2. Create login account:

a. Click “Sign-in” and select “Option 1: if your institution is affiliated with DMPTool”.

b. Input “The University of Hong Kong” for text box – “Look up your institution here”. Then, press “Go” button.

c. Input your first/last name, email and password. Check “I accept the terms and conditions” and press “Create account”.

d. “My Dashboard” shall be displayed.

e. To begin with a data management plan, please click “Create plan” button

f. Please input following information:

1. What research project are you planning?
The title of your data management planning.
2. Select the primary research organization
Please accept the default value of “The University of Hong Kong”
3. Select the primary funding organization
Please check the box “No funder associated with this plan or my funder is not listed”.
4. What DMP template would you like to use?
Please select template of “ISDM Data Management Planning”.
Remark of “research project” above:
Please note that is originally designed for research projects. However in the context of ISDM policy, Data Management Planning is not necessary limited to be research projects. In this regard, ISDM Data Management Planning can be used for any HKU’s department. 
g. Template of ISDM Data Management Planning consists of 5 section:
Project Details
Only “Project title” is mandatory but the others are optional to be supplied.
Plan overview
It is the general overview of ISDM Data Management Planning.
Write Plan
“Write Plan” is the core component of ISDM Data Management Planning. It consists of following 8 sections. The questions of each section are self-explanatory.
  • General Information
  • Data Description
  • Data Collection Procedure
  • Data Access Control
  • Data Access Authorisation Mechanism
  • Requirement of use for manipulation, modification or reporting of institutional data/information and for creating derived data/information
  • Data Retention/Destruction/Archiving Requirements
  • Data Management Planning Checklist
Press “+” above to enter the details of your Data Management Plan.
You may invite collaborators to work with your data management plan (via email).

Enter the email address to whom you may want to share your plan.

You may share different level of permissions:

  • Co-owner: can edit details, change visibility and add collaborators
  • Editor: can comment and make changes
  • Read only

Please “send invitation” then.


You may download the Data Management Plan in various formats, e.g. PDF, HTML, etc.