Governance Organization

Information Technology Policy Committee (ITPC)

To be established.

Sub-committee on Information Security and Data Management

To be established.

University Data Protection Officer

Data and Security Team

Data & Information Security Team of ITS

Task Force on Management of Research Data and Records

Data Owner, Data Stewards, Data Custodian

Data Owner

The head of an administration office / faculty / department / school / centre or the Principal / Chief Investigator of a research programme or project (“unit”) who is the decision maker with respect to data collected and/or used in conducting the unit’s business. He or she has decision-making authority over any data collected and/or usedby the unit.

Data Steward

Any appropriate individual assigned by a Data Owner to facilitate the interpretation and implementation of data and information security policies, standards and guidelines.

Data Custodian

Organisational functions (e.g., Human Resources Section) or individuals (e.g., staff,student, contractors, third party users) that are entrusted to operate on university data/information on a need basis as part of their assigned functions or employment orcontractual duties.

Internal Audit Office