ISDM Manual

DDAS Guidelines
Document Name ISDM Chapter Policy ref.

Guidance Notes on Preparing Data Management Planning (pre-release)*


  • Data Management Plan

  • Explicit Criteria of Data Quality 

  • Data Collection Procedure

  • Data Archiving and Disposal Guideline

Data/Information Life Cycle Management – Planning, Collecting, Archiving, Deleting and Destructing

ISDM 3.1

ISDM 3.3

ISDM 3.6

ISDM 3.7

ISDM 3.27/28


Template for Information Risk Assessment (pre-release) *

Data/Information Life Cycle Management – Planning

IT Environment – Information Technology Acquisition, Development, Maintenance and Acceptance

ISDM 3.2


ISDM 5.1

Template for Privacy Risk Assessment (pre-release) *

IT Environment – Information Technology Acquisition, Development, Maintenance and Acceptance

ISDM 5.2

Template for Data Asset Inventory (pre-release) *

Data/Information Life Cycle Management – Planning

ISDM 3.5

Template for Vendor Management Contract (pre-release) *

Data/Information Life Cycle Management – Third Party Management

IT Environment – Cloud / Off-site Storage

ISDM 3.29

ISDM 5.18

Guidelines on Change Management Procedure (pre-release) *

IT Environment – Technology Change Management

ISDM 5.5

IT System Baselines

IT Environment – Technologies Standardisation

ISDM 5.3

Guidelines for Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plans (pre-release) *

Contingency Management – Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Management

ISDM 6.4

Acceptable Usage

User Management – Acceptable Usage

ISDM 7.1

Critical IT Systems Inventory (pre-release) *

IT Environment – Technology Access Control

ISDM 5.14

Human Resources Security (pre-release) *

User Management – Human Resources Security

ISDM 7.2

* Pre-release is pending for ITPC’s endorsement.

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