Using Outlook with Connect Tenant


  • Full feature of Microsoft AIP software can only be supported with Microsoft Outlook (PC or Mac). Please read here for details.  
  • IMAP protocol must be enabled. Please visit for how.

  • You are required to turn on “Allow less secure apps” via HKU Connect => Setting => Accounts => select “Google Account settings” under Change account settings => “Apps with account access” under Sign-in & security.

After you have enabled IMAP and turned on “Less secure app access”, please follow the steps below: 

1. Press Windows startup button, and type the following command:

outlook.exe /manageprofiles

2. Press “Email Accounts”.

3. Under “Email Accounts”, press “New”.

4. Select “Manual setup or additional server types”.

Press “Next >”.

5. Choose “POP or IMAP”.

6. Please “Add Account” with input of your Connect tenant’s information.


“Your Name”: displayed name of Outlook email account (replace “XXXX” with your name)

“Email Address”: your Connect email address (with domain name of “”). Please replace “xxxx” with your HKU portal ID.

“Account Type”: IMAP

“Incoming mail server”:

“Outgoing mail server (SMTP)”:

“User Name”: auto-filled after you have input the above “Email Address”. (domain name of “” must be included)

“Password”: your Connect tenant’s password.

“Remember password”: Yes

After you have input the above information, press “More Settings”.

7. In “Internet Email Settings”, find the “Outgoing Server” tab and select “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authetication”.


8. In “Advanced” tab, select the following:

“Incoming server (IMAP)” : 993

“Use the following type of encrypted connection”: SSL/TLS

“Outgoing server (SMTP)”: 465

“Use the following type of encrypted connection”: SSL/TLS

9. Please press “OK” button. 

10. Press “Next” to complete the email profiles.